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Armisum ( Clays , minerals and Supply ) is a young company founded by people with more than 20 experienced years in special clays market. We deal with all kind of minerals which could be used in industry and home. We stand out these:

Sepiolite: It's used because of his absorption capacity in industry, repair shops , assembly lines , petrol stations. It could be used outdoors and indoors to absorb all kind of spills
Bentonite: Used for drilling muds, test drilling and boring, building, foundry ...wastewater treatment plants (WWTP)....
Diatomaceus earth ( Kieselgurh ): It's used as absorbant , fertiliser ( mainly for organic farming , ) natural insecticide , feed additive, refractory insulating and rubber manufacture.
Attapulgite ( Palygorskite) : Used to clean up spills of oil , water...
Zeolite: For agricultural use and in industry.
Additives for animal feed based in sepiolite , usefull as binder or excipient in premixtures, also as fluidiser for flour based mixtures
Pumice stone for multipurpose noting his high absorption capacity.
Silica sand for filtering , maintenance of court of paddle , and artificial grass tennis courts.
Cat litter and other pets , absorbants , bonding products, products of plant origin or silica gel.
Products for gardening as pozzolana , volcanic rock, expanded clays, pumice stone and other products

If you need more information, please, don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist and help .

Pumice stone
Silica sand
Cat litter
Volcanic rock
Expanded clay
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